Do You Love Your Wardrobe?


I’m guessing the answer is: “I don’t love my wardrobe, but it’s getting me by.” I’m also betting that your clothes don’t feel like you or express your personality. There’s not really anything unique or special about what you wear. And most of the time you feel kind of frumpy, blah, and boring Right? Here’s the problem: […]

Comfort is the New Black


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of dressing with intention. We want to feel stylish in our clothes, but without sacrificing comfort–both physical comfort (hello yoga pants!) and personal comfort (I look too fill in the blank). We also want our clothes to fit and flatter our body…whether it be the one we have […]

Color Palette: Emerald + Mint + Wheat


Color can be a scary topic for a lot of women. I’m guessing that if you opened up your wardrobe right now you’d see a lot of neutrals (black, grey, brown, white). And I’m also guessing that if you do have bright or bold colors, you don’t always feel confident pairing them together. My simple […]

5 Minute Face

I’ve been wanting to share a beauty post with you for quite some time. Over the years I’ve simplified my routine, and I’m pretty fanatical now about products that serve double duty, can be applied with fingertips, and are good for your skin! The look I’m going to share with you today is a derivative […]

Making An Outfit Template Your Own

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Sooo, I had a whole outfit post planned for you, but it’s just too dang hot out here in Phoenix to be taking photos outside. And, well, my indoor photos didn’t turn out so well. You live and learn. During consults and beta testing for my new program coming in September, I’ve been talking a […]

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