How to Mend a Small Hole

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I found the perfect French girl style sweater the other day that I absolutely fell in love with. It checks off all the boxes: black & white stripes, ballet neckline, scoop back, elbow-length sleeves, and it’s extra long for tucking into high-waist skirts or wearing out over cropped skinny pants. Oh, and did I mention it’s […]

Orchid + Oxblood + Pumpkin


I didn’t realize how spooky this post was getting until I tried to name the color palette. It sounds like a witch’s brew, no? Not my intention at all! It just started with this cute and innocent owl, and look where it got me. I guess my mind is firmly planted in all things October-ish. Anyway, […]

Shopping With A Plan: Client Stories


Today I want to introduce you to two amazing women and clients of mine. Amy Jaye is the founder of the boutique events agency, Posh and Posy, in Fresno, CA. And Sarah Simmons is an Environmental Engineer in Tucson, AZ. Both ladies have been a joy to work with over the summer. To see them […]

Do You Love Your Wardrobe?


I’m guessing the answer is: “I don’t love my wardrobe, but it’s getting me by.” I’m also betting that your clothes don’t feel like you or express your personality. There’s not really anything unique or special about what you wear. And most of the time you feel kind of frumpy, blah, and boring Right? Here’s the problem: […]

Comfort is the New Black


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of dressing with intention. We want to feel stylish in our clothes, but without sacrificing comfort–both physical comfort (hello yoga pants!) and personal comfort (I look too fill in the blank). We also want our clothes to fit and flatter our body…whether it be the one we have […]

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